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    How To Use the Wonderbrush?

    How To Use the Wonderbrush?

    So you have just received your Wonderbrush and you are very excited to try it out and have the best detangling experience yet. Only that, you don’t know where to start or how to use it. No need to worry, you will receive tangle-free hair in a few easy steps.

    Firstly, you may be wondering whats that small piece of plastic in the package. That is an attachment to place in the holes at the back of the brush. By doing this you will lock the rows of the brush in place, reducing its flexibility and allowing it to function as a normal brush. However, we recommend using the brush without the attachment for the best detangling experience; but it may be used for everyday styling of the hair.

    Here is how to detangle your hair with the Wonderbrush using 3 quick and easy steps:

    1. Apply conditioner or wet hair with water
    2. Brush hair in sections while holding the Wonderbrush in a vertical position
    3. Then brush again while holding the Wonderbrush in a horizontal position 


    After detangling your entire head of hair, you are now ready to do your favorite hairstyles on smooth, knotless and detangled hair.