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    Why you should own a Wonderbrush?

    Why you should own a Wonderbrush?

    As a child growing up, I remember one of the most dreaded experiences for me was getting my hair detangled before being styled. I recall even crying due to the amount of pain I was in as my mother combed through the knots in my hair. My mother had to have back up combs not because she thought the combs did a good job at detangling but because it was a guarantee that I would break at least one as she struggled to get through the knots in my hair. I would also have excessive shedding and breakage at the end of detangling.


    I was so excited when I received the Wonderbrush, a brush that was flexible and moved with the different curls in my hair. I had no fear of breaking this brush as it was stronger than the combs I had used in my hair and made with very durable material. The brush being flexible is also beneficial as it removes the pain of detangling and makes it an enjoyable experience so that I look forward to brushing my hair. I now experience very little shedding and no breakage at all. This has helped to improve the overall health and appearance of my hair.

    How to use a Wonderbrush to detangle hair?

    There are many uses for the Wonderbrush; however, I use it to detangle my naturally curly hair mainly. Every time I wet my hair, whether it is to detangle or style, I use this brush. The plastic bristles protect my hair as I work through the knots and tangles. Here are the steps that I use to get tangle-free hair.

    1. Cleanse hair in the shower with a sulfate-free shampoo. I make sure to cleanse my hair correctly.
    2. Then I use a generous amount of conditioner, and I saturate every strand in preparation for detangling.
    3. Beginning at the hair ends, I gently work the tangles out, moving up to the root.
    4. If your hair is not too messy and tangled, you can brush your hair before washing your hair. It will leave your hair manageable after a shower.

    Define Curls with a Wonderbrush

    Defining curls with the Wonderbrush is easy. This brush can detangle and separate curls for a more polished look. Tame frizz by smoothing the hair with the back of the Wonderbrush. As you work through the tangles, turn down your wrist as if you were using a curling iron. Use your favorite gel or mousse to get a longer-lasting curl.


    I wish this invention existed when I was a child so I would not have to go through so much pain and would look forward to detangling then as I do now. However, I am glad that children today do not need to have the same bad detangling experience as I did during my childhood. I am also happy that persons who have had difficulties with detangling their hair and the problems that arise from this such as single strand knots and matted hair now have a solution.  I can honestly say that purchasing a Wonderbrush was the best decision I’ve made for my hair in a long while.