360° Mist Spray Bottle - Curltastic
$18.95 USD$26.95 USD

The Perfect Companion For Fast, Painless Detangling

Detangling curly hair shouldn't be long and painful. Our 360° Mist Spray Bottle works wonders to ensure that your bouncy curls have the right amount of moisture for fast and pain-free detangling.

Now, you can say goodbye to knotted strands, anytime, anywhere! 

This refillable spray bottle gives you a 360° continuous spray, so you can properly wet your hair before styling it or combing it.

Using our amazing Spray Bottle is so easy! With a single squeeze, a spray of fine mist will be evenly released covering a large area of your hair. It is so convenient to use, spray it sidewards, upward, or in any direction without worrying about leakage. No wonder it is preferred by professional hairstylists!

Key Benefits:

  • Compact and lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere.

  • Saves time in doing multiple squeezes. Sprays evenly in all directions from the first to the last drop!

  • Ergonomically designed, it won’t cause hand fatigue and made from strong ABS material that ensures durability.

  • Save money as it’s completely refillable and reusable.

How To Use:

  • Simplydetach the top of the hair spray bottle.

  • Fill the bottle with enough water and reattach it tightly. 

  • Hold the hair spray bottle at the angle you desire. A few inches away is recommended. 

  • Squeeze the nozzle with a single press and see the fine mist released evenly on your hair.