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    Magic Heat Free Curlers

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    Get Beautiful, Bouncy Curls Everyday Without Risking Damage From heat.

    Styling your hair with can be a hassle and even damaging to your hair. Traditional methods using heat or chemicals may have terrible side effects that may resulting in you having to cut your hair.

    Whether for work, dates or parties, Curltastic™ curlers gives beautiful natural-looking curls without any heat or damage.

    "I LOVED USING THESE! So easy to put my hair in. I didn’t even need to use a blow dryer to dry the hair. The curls came out bouncy and fluffy! And they're easy to sleep in, compared to other products and methods."
    - Briana


    BEAUTIFUL CURL DEFINITION - Our Curltastic™ curlers achieve beautiful and bouncy curls, from beach waves to pin curls naturally without using heat or the risk of hairdamage.

    SAVE HOURS ON YOUR USUAL ROUTINE -  Forgot about date night? Simply apply our curlers to semi dried hair and curls begin to form within 30 minutes, shaving hours from your usual prep time.

    NO PINS, CLIPS OR HEAT - Curltastic™ curlers are great for home use or when traveling. No pins, clips, or heat required. Simply press and pop open the curler, roll your hair as desired and then press closed.

    SUPER SOFT -  Unlike perm rods or flex rods. Curltastic™ curlers are made from super soft medical-grade soft silicone that are very comfortable to sleep on without coming apart and ruining the style.


    • Apply Curltastic™ curlers close to the scalp right after washing and drying hair with a towel, wind hair onto the curlers and flip the cup to close.
      • For type 3 and 4 hair, use your favorite curl product to get fantastic curls.
    • To create tighter curls: Leave Curltastic™️ curlers in the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. (You can slightly moisten ends, or use your favorite product.)
    • Removing the curlers: Unwind the opposite way the hair was wound and use your fingers to separate the curls.
      • Thin, short hair may need around 20pcs, for longer and thicker the hair, use 30pcs or more. ( all sets have 2 sizes for different curls )
      • For best results, dry hair with dryer before removing.
    • Enjoy the compliments you'll receive for your beautiful bouncy curls with these simple steps 

    PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with high quality medical-grade soft silicone, hypoallergenic, odorless and keeps form.

    HIGH DEMAND - Most orders arrive in 7 to 13 business days.



    We're so committed to your satisfaction that If anything goes wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.
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    Package Contents:

    • Pack of 40
      • 20 x Large Hair Curlers
      • 20 x Small Hair Curlers 
    Magic Heat Free Curlers


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