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    The Wonderbrush™

    Look absolutely flawless in your naturally curly hair! On Instagram

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    With 200,000+ customers and their consistent love and feedback, this needed its own section

    I never leave reviews, but for this product, I had to share the great news: it works, 😀! This brush will save me literally hours of detangling time. I'm very tender headed as well (Still scared to rock braids lol), but this brush is practically painless, 😄. Thank you, Curltastic, for making my life so much easier ❤💚❤

    My 9 year old daughter is mixed half African American and half Portuguese so she has very thick curls. Before she hated to have her hair brushed so we tried this brush and I cant believe no tears, fast to comb her hair and no pulled out hair in her brush!! At for sure!!

    I give this brush 1000 stars !!! I will never ever use another brush on my wet or dry hair ever again ! Just the best ever I got to get a couple more one in my traveling bag one for home and just an extra on deck hahahaha. Thank u so much

    I would recommend this brush to anyone with curly or difficult to brush hair. I cut down brushing my daughter’s hair brushing time from over an hour to less than 5 minutes. It’s a winner in my book. You won’t be disappointed. I only wish I had gotten it 8 years ago and saved her all the tears she’s cried over the years.